Olivia, Mourning

Book 1 of the Olivia Series by Yael Politis

Available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

COMPRESSED 2 Olivia Mourning

Historical Fiction (USA 1840s)
List Price: eBook$5.99,  Paperback $14.99
Page Count: 409, Word Count: 132,000
ISBN: 1493652451

“… an absolutely delightful and perfect story. I was into it from the
first word and it never faltered right to the end.”

Book Description
Forced to live with her brother and the overbearing woman who will soon be his wife, Olivia Killion is determined to gain her independence by inheriting 80 acres in far off Michigan. Her father’s will bequeathed the land to whichever of his offspring would put in a crop and stake a claim to it. As Olivia insists, “I’m sprung off him just as much as Avis or Tobey.”
The problem: she’s seventeen, female, and it’s 1841.
She has a friend who would make a perfect partner for this endeavor. Mourning Free knows how to run a farm, having worked many years for local farmers. More importantly, Olivia has complete trust in him and no fear of a romantic entanglement developing between them. Mourning will put in the crop for her and she will then help him buy land of his own.
The problem: Mourning is black, the orphaned son of runaway slaves, and reluctant to travel and work with a white girl. He especially fears the private agents from the south who patrol the free states, hunting fugitive slaves.
Olivia believes she and Mourning can make their partnership work and they set off together. All goes well, despite the drudgery of survival in an isolated log cabin. Incapable of acknowledging her feelings for Mourning, Olivia thinks her biggest problem is her unrequited romantic interest in their young, single neighbor. Until she is betrayed and violated and her world falls apart.
Strong-willed, vulnerable, and compassionate, Olivia is a compelling protagonist on a journey to find a way to do the right thing in a world in which so much is wrong.

2010 YWO Book of the Year
2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Quarter-Finalist

About Me
Small butterfly shirt in yardI grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, not far from Olivia’s farm. I spent years researching this story – enjoying the challenge of trying to recreate daily life in another time and place – and based many details (including how Mourning got his name) on letters and journals passed down through my family. I received a great deal of insight from my sister Martha, who lived in a modern log home, hunted her own land, and was as independent and stubborn as Olivia. I have lived most of my adult life in Israel, working as an agricultural laborer, Hebrew-English translator, English teacher, technical writer, and proposal writer.

Excerpt  Click for an excerpt of Olivia, Mourning


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The eBooks of Olivia, Mourning and The Way the World Is include a dedication to my sister, Martha Worden, and acknowledgement of other people who provided support and feedback. Since front and back matter is often “lost” in an eBook and goes unnoticed, I am including them here.

For Martha

This book had a lot of help from my big sister Martha, who was like no other woman I know. She was extremely social, the “glue” that held family and friends together, and yet chose to spend the last part of her life living in a beautiful but isolated log home. She hunted her own land and was as independent and stubborn as Olivia. She gave to me generously – love, friendship, encouragement, insight, too much fabulous food, and just enough alcohol. I miss her every day.

MarthaMartha Worden and her ten-point buck


Special thanks are owed to my friend and “overseer” Jane Abramowitz, who never fails to go the extra mile for her friends. I also received invaluable support and feedback on the books in this series from Tina Foley, Rasana Atreya, Carol Kean, Linda Scharaga, Mark Thomas, Michael Greenberg, Bobbi Dekay, Erik Cross, Yvonne Schumacher Strejcek, Henry Tobias, and Michal Weissman.

Cover photo by Yulia Kazansky
Cover design by Tatiana Villa

48 Responses to Olivia, Mourning

  1. Marcia says:

    Looking forward to its publication…how soon is soon?

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Marcia, I have finally completed Olivia, Mourning and entered it into a contest on Amazon. If you would be interested in and have the time to read an excerpt and rate and review it on Amazon, that would be great. On the right-hand menu, under Pages, is a link to a page explaining the contest and how to access and rate the excerpt of Olivia, Mourning. All the best, Yael

      • Marcia says:

        Hello Yael! Finding your e-mail was such a nice surprise. I hope I did things correctly in rating your book. It is wonderful. I enjoyed the excerpts very much and will be purchasing your book as soon as it come out.

      • yaelpolitis says:

        Best way to have my morning coffee, reading your lovely review on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to do that and for the wonderful comments. There’s nothing that makes all the long hours at the computer worthwhile like having a reader respond that way. Thanks for all your support. I’ll be sure to tell you when Olivia is published, by me or otherwise. All the best Yael.

      • Corri says:

        I am not a “blogger” as such but want you to know how much I have enjoyed the two Olivia books. The wisdom of Mr. Abraham is so wonderful. I am anxious for the third book in the series!

      • yaelpolitis says:

        Thanks Corri, for sharing your experience of the books with me. I will let you know when the next book is available. Yael

  2. yaelpolitis says:

    It has turned into two books. The first is finished but I won’t publish it until the second is also completed. I hope within 2-3 months. I am leaning toward self-publishing this time – will probably take me a month or two to figure that out.

  3. Betty says:

    When will “Whatever Happened to Mourning Free” be out?

    • yaelpolitis says:

      I am sorry to say that not real soon. I am anything but prolific – have to live with my characters for a while before they become real to me. But you will know when it does.

  4. Darlene says:

    Loved both Olivia, Morning and The Way the World Is. Can’t wait for Whatever Happened to Morning Free.

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Darlene, I will let you know when the next book is ready. I do have another book available, The Lonely Tree, but don’t know if you would be interested, as it takes place in a totally different setting. But just to let you know, the publisher has temporarily reduced the price to $3 instead of $9. Thanks for the feedback. Yael

  5. Darlene says:

    Sorry, meant Mourning in both titles

  6. Diane says:

    This is such an excellent series! I do so enjoy your writing style and the depth you give each of your characters. I applaud your work and cannot wait for the next book, “Whatever Happened to Mourning Free.”

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I have added your email address to the list of readers who want to know when the next book is released. Yael

  7. Julie says:

    Please notify me when your Mourning book is released. I hope it will be soon. I have read the first two books nonstop.

  8. Vickie Wheeler says:

    I also would like to know when your Mourning book is released. I have the first two but I am anxious for the next in the series

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Vickie, I will let you know when the next book is available and am so glad to know you enjoyed the first two. Yael

  9. Aloma Arp says:

    I would like to hear from you as to when the third book in the OliviaMourning series will be released Thanks Aloma Arp

  10. Carole Corcoran says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I felt so engrossed in the lives of a book’s characters as I have been with the first two “Mourning” books! And, I might add that I read for entertainment all the time. Thank you for that :-). I understand you need to take your time on book three, but please remember your fans are out here holding our breath for the continuation of this trilogy. I will certainly sign up for your blog.

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Carole, it’s wonderful to hear from readers like you. I will do my best to finish the next one in a timely manner, but it’s a process you can’t really hurry. All the best, Yael

  11. Marilyn Lynch says:

    Yael…I cannot remember when I enjoyed reading two books as much as I did the Mourning books…looking forward to the next in the series…what I read next will surely not be as enjoyable as the two I just finished…Thank you !!!

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Thank you, Marilyn for taking the time to write. I really appreciate hearing from readers. I will let you know when I have finished the next book. Yael

  12. Jane Osborn says:

    i was so engrossed in your books, i neglected many things I needed to do the past two days!! After reading the first book, I promptly ordered the second and started it, anxious to learn the fate of Olivia and Mourning. I know you can’t rush the 3rd book, but please don’t waste any time! Love the characters and your style of writing!

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Jane. Lovely to hear from you. I’ll be sure to let you know when I finish it. I am doing my best not to rush. Yael

  13. Annetta Carrington says:

    Yael, I finished “The Way The World Is” this past weekend and am looking forward to “Whatever Happened to Mourning Free”! The last time I felt this engrossed in a story was the first time I read “Lonesome Dove”. Thank you for such wonderful books!

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Annetta, Thanks for taking the time to give that most encouraging feedback. I will let you know when the next book is available. Yael

  14. sue priddle says:

    Just finished the second book of the Olivia series, Sorry it was the end. Love the unexpected twists the books take. Please let me know when the third book becomes available.
    I live in MI so it made it twice as interesting for me, great writing.

    • yaelpolitis says:

      I really appreciate the feedback, Sue. I will let you know when the next book is available. I love hearing that people in Michigan are reading the books. Yael

  15. Robin Berryhill says:

    Please let me know when Whatever happened to Mourning Free is released.

  16. Ellen Olson says:

    Very much enjoyed both books…..am anticipating the third!

  17. Lesley Jackson says:

    I loved reading your first two Olivia, Mourning books. I live in NW Ohio and my son attended Eastern Michigan University. Having a historical book written so close to home was very exciting. I would love to know when the third book comes out. I am going to check out your other books. I am so happy to have a new author to read.

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Lesley, I love hearing from all readers, but especially those who live in the area. I’m really glad you enjoyed the books and I will let you know when the next one is available. Thanks for the feedback. Yael

  18. deb says:

    i have read the way the world is ,,,did i miss a book here ? i want to be totally caught up . it seems like that was 2 books in one can someone help me here thank you.

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Hi Deb,
      The Way the World Is is book 2 of a series. The first book is Olivia, Mourning, also available on Amazon. I repeated the basic plot of Olivia, Mourning in The Way the World Is, so it is possible to read The Way the World Is stand-alone, but it’s much better to begin with Book 1. I’m sorry that wasn’t clearer to you. It’s unfortunate that Amazon only displays the Series name in the title and not the book number. I suppose I should have included it as part of the title, rather than as a sub-title. I’ll know better next time. Apologies. Yael

  19. Pauline Bean says:

    Please add me to your list of those anxiously awaiting the third book of the Olivia series. You are a wonderful writer! I couldn’t put the first two down!

  20. Denise says:

    Fantastic books! Please alert me when number three is available.

  21. I am Sooooo hooked. Yup had me on the first chapter. When that happens you know it is a great read. I just finished the second of the Olivia series and can’t wait for the third. I really can’t wait to find out more about Mourning Free. You are amazing and so talented. Thank you for such great writing……Aurore

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Thank you Aurore for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the books. It means a lot to hear from readers. What an unusual name. I may steal it for a character one of these days. I will let you know when I publish the next. Yael

  22. Libby says:

    Just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading this series. I had a hard time putting it down at night so I would read till about 12:30 am. Can’t wait till the next book comes out.

  23. Aurore Carriere says:

    Feel free to use the name I would be honored!!! :-) Aurore

  24. Marilyn Hunter says:

    Please add me to the list of readers anxious for the next book in the Olivia series. I just read the first two books and could hardly put them down. Thank you for the excellent story!

    • yaelpolitis says:

      Thank you, Marilyn. I love hearing from readers who have enjoyed the books. I will let you know when I publish the third. Yael

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