Pictures of Old Detroit

Click on images to enlarge:

1 Detroit river from windmill point 1837

Detroit River from Windmill Point 1837

2 Detroit river 1820s

Detroit River 1820s

3 Steamboat

Steamboat on the Great Lakes

4 voyageur canoe3

Voyageur Canoe

5 Ste. Annes

Ste. Anne’s Church

Father Gabriel Richard

6 Father Gabriel Richard

Plan of Old Detroit

7 detroit plan

Streets of Detroit – The Shades

8 detroit streets the shades

9 Finney Barn

Finney’s Barn

 10 Woodward and Jefferson

Woodward and Jefferson

Old City Hall during Olivia’s Time

11 Old city hall olivia

Old City Hall 1878

12 pld city hall 1878

Detroit Hotel 1837

13 Detroit Hotel 1837

Fort and Griswold

14 Fort and Griswold

Ad for Bathhouse Detroit Directory 1847

15 bath ad

Ad for F.E. Cohen Studio Detroit Directory 1847

16 FE Cohen ad

17 Self Portrait Frederick Cohen

Frederick E. Cohen Self-Portrait, Detroit Institute of Arts

18 woodward avenue 1876

Woodward Avenue 1876

19 detroit female semnary

Detroit Female Seminary

20 first free school 1838-42

First Free School 1838-42

21 Michigan central railroad yard about 1868

Michigan Central Railroad Yard about 1868

22 old capitol building 

Old Capitol Building

23 Old university building 1858

Old University Building 1858


12 Responses to Pictures of Old Detroit

  1. I would like to be notified when your next book is published too. I just loved the first two books in the Olivia series.


    • yaelpolitis says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Nicki. I will be sure to let you know when I finish the next book. Good to see you on Facebook. Yael


  2. jane rutherford says:

    Would love to be on the list to be notified when your next book comes out. Loved olivia and mourning


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